Leo Horoscope 2019

The year 2019 will start with Jupiter settled exactly in your sign, in Leo – it is the year of a new cycle of self development.

The good news for you is that in 2019 the planet of luck, abundance and opportunities, Jupiter, will continue to pass through your sign until the 2019. Every 12 years Jupiter transits your sign and the year 2019 will be a special year for you, because it is one of those lucky years.

If you were born under the sign of Leo horoscope 2019 or your Ascendant is Leo, you will be able to notice that in 2019 Jupiter will expand your basic behaviors: affection, nobility, generosity, loyalty, dignity, leadership, vitality, authority, will. Jupiter in Leo will reward you for the qualities of your sign, for your sunny attitude towards life, for your dramatic, creative, and outgoing personality. You will meet opportunities, chances and possibilities to exhibits the leadership skills that you crave so much.

Leo Horoscope 2019

Furthermore you will be your own luck, who you are, your personality, the way you express yourself, your physical appearance, your body.

You will become more expansive, exuberant and more enthusiastic. This transit will enhance your optimism and generosity. What happened in the past will no longer be so important to you and you will focus your attention more on your future, having faith in the universe, that everything will be solved.

You will accomplish to feel free to be yourself and the others will tend to accept you more easily, as you are now. You will feel better about yourself, you will have more confidence in which you are and in your qualities therefore you will be able to make the others feel good around you and make them trust you.

You will become more cheerful, more optimistic, more tolerant, more understanding, with a more positive attitude and you will be able to see things as a whole. You will be encouraged to everything related to your personal development, you are invited to establish high goals, improve your physical appearance, expand your horizons (literally and figuratively) and discover yourself a new ideal. This year, you are assisted to understand the meaning of your life and the closeness to church, religion and spirituality may bring you benefits. You could also meet opportunities related to foreign and long distance journeys.

In case that you will be 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84 or 96 years in the year leo horoscope 2019, you can expect even greater benefits, Jupiter will begin a new cycle of 12 years, you will achieve more easily the desired comfort and you will be rewarded for all the efforts you have made so far.

As a conclusion, Jupiter in Leo encourages you to say β€œYes” to life, to add value to yourself, to be generous with your available resources and to trust in your endowed qualities!

In August 11, 2019, Jupiter enters the sign of Virgo, in the 2nd House of Leo 2019 horoscope (which is related to wealth, money, possessions, assets, income and expenses, savings, value).

With the entry of Jupiter in Virgo will begin a period of about a year, when the planet of luck and abundance will transit your 2nd House, the House of the income from your work. Jupiter in Virgo horoscope 2019 will help you feel more valuable, to have more confidence in your skills and therefore to earn more money. You will meet opportunities to winning money, you will feel the need to develop in this area of your life and you will focus more and more on money, property, possessions. You will think about money more than usual, but it promises to be a profitable and productive period, in terms of financial.

You will have better luck financially if you try to be more flexible and adaptable, if you will venture even more and if you will use more your wit and ingenuity. The financial activities associated with trade, sales, transactions, writing, communication, means of conveyance, travels, school and education, they may prove advantageous especially for you.